"It is a curious fact that all the very old Sequoias have lost their heads by lightning." 

- John Muir


After three days of breathless grief, unsure whether I wanted to go on living, I rose summer 2013 writing the poem WILDFIRE. Then spent about a week working with Frank Fuller to produce the initial version of Wildfire: a love story. I’d gone out of my mind and into my heart. The poem is about homecoming through loss or realizing agape (divine, universal love) through connection with another. I tell the story in Busted Open.

Photos in Wildfire a love story are of me and a giant sequoia cut for show during the California gold rush. I’d become fixed on this sequoia’s story and the grove’s history after reading an account in Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken, initially visiting the grove by foot for healing ceremony with three friends in February 2013. When the photos in Wildfire a love story were captured April 1, 2013, I was in wedding ceremony, rapture for part and oblivious to photographer Jack Gescheidt’s presence until the end of the photo session, unstaged but for having him on hand with the camera.

Lightning-caused wildfires are fundamentally generative for fire-evolved forest. Structures are best protected through precautionary treatments within 100 feet (the first 30 feet from the structure being most important) . Please read the science at John Muir Project.

I’d like to help shift relationship with the North Grove and others. Please see more at Generative Memorials.

FILM CREDITS: Wildfire: a love story (film) Directed and edited by Megan Hollingsworth and Frank A. Fuller Jr. / Calaveras Big Trees Images © 2013 Jack Gescheidt at JackPhoto.com / WILDFIRE poem written by Megan Hollingsworth / 'Without You', Written by Eddie Vedder, published by eV songs unlimited (ASCAP) and used by permission. All rights reserved.