whatever darkens the mind,

remain loyal to what the heart knows

- joy that feeds the bone. 



knock on my door

Have you crunched the numbers

combined the chemicals in endless scenarios

searched every corner of the world for something

intact, only to find

Here's a slightly different version of 'Knock On My Door' voiced during the opening session of Intersectional Justice Conference at The Whidbey Institute, March 2016, Clinton, WA.  

Satao is a great tusker murdered May 30, 2014. Photo of Satao © Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone.

that one

touched too?


Did you look Satao in the eye

before his heart stopped

and then


to see his face butchered?


Do you still believe, after all this,

that there is hope for the flowers,

that love is


That though the known world passes

in famine by fire and flood,

field and forest will seed themselves again?


Do you know because you have seen this happen

a thousand times?


If so, then yes

you know me.

Please come in,

you are welcome here

as you are, beautiful

It is hard to gaze

softly enough

to see

oneself clearly.

Allow me

to see you

so you can see me.

Then, together we shall see

we are welcome here

plain as we are beautiful


note: Satao is a great tusker murdered May 30, 2014. Photo of Satao © Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone.

Knock On My Door (2014) joins poems written during a month's witness with elephant

and poetry written by invitation for the Monterey Ashtanga Shala.