To See You

for Ann


There is a grief that does not die,

branded in the mind

like the memory of your eye’s embrace

when you traveled last minute

after Mom forgot herself

because you knew

what I needed most

was you - the someone who knew me and knew her



A grief that tells how much

we were loved and loved

The what it is to know one another

by a vein older than any identity

with fault.


I want to go back, drop this tired agenda,

and listen more closely on your last birthday

to accept then

that you were dying


to say,

I'm on my way

to see you


Ann was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) November 2016. After 19 months in treatment, Ann passed at 11:50 AM EST June 20, 2018 ( Ann's obituary) She requests gifts to IBC Network Foundation. Thank you

Megan Hollingsworth