Ann was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) November 2016. After 1.5 years in treatment, Ann passed at 11:50 AM EST June 20, 2018. Please see Ann's obituary. She requests gifts to IBC Network Foundation. Thank you



A moth dressed in red and black

knocked on the window

more than once

to remind me of our laughter 


like what I know of belonging in this world


a feeling vanished with your last exhale

as mother’s hands


Losing home in us, a pain that wants

to be swallowed

back down

to sleep forever in my heart

where we all began, this heart

still beating

for what now

only God knows


I will store this sound that is singly

between us, and dance to the tune

like the child delights in the touch of sand

as she draws angels

with her body


and there you will be


I do not know if you can grasp

this sad, 

a twin

to the joy of seeing you


That is,

when you go,

a certain Joy goes too.


There is this

version of me

that is not

without you.


I will be someone


and more

for having been her,

a girl loved no matter what