A moth dressed in red and black

knocked on the pane

more than once

to say you are wanted anyway


As proved in Mother’s letters and the plans we made

that I would complete alone


Missing the most familiar is a pain lodged in the throat

by the heart, where all journeys begin and end

whether or not we lose ourselves in the game



Ann Janelle Keener was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) November 2016. After 1.5 years in treatment, Ann passed June 2018. Please see Ann's obituary. She requests gifts to IBC Network Foundation.

Red and black were Ann’s colors of choice. Cinnabar moths are named for red patches on their black wings. Native to Europe, western and central Asia, the moth was introduced to New Zealand, Australia and North America as ‘weed’ control. Cinnabar is the bright scarlet to brick-red crystalline form mercury(II) sulfide (HgS) most commonly sourced for refining elemental mercury and red pigments (historically). The toxicity of the mercury component has been recognized since ancient Rome. (Wikipedia)

Megan Hollingsworth