almost gone


Back then, there were lots of them.

Like bees on an apple core

scattered on dandelions

in a hazardous lawn

or stuck in the car

with windows closed

on a summer's day,

they are notable more now

for their absence.

And all huddled

in the rare pond

still a chorus hall of the ones

who sing night in 

by lulling a sun to sleep.

They are frogs

far fewer in number

singing their songs louder 

to conquer metallic noise 

that doesn't rest.

Songs, not so different

than the red dresses

hung around town 

they are stolen girls

who may have believed once

in fairy tale princes

and the magic kiss.

The nearly vanished innocent

may be almost gone

but they're here

to scream out

the silence

until the last

when the first begin again


note: my first in participation of witness with amphibians this month in Mass Extinction Grief & Creativity forum, 'almost gone' references Two Rivers Arts REDress Project started by Metis artist Jamie Black to remind of missing and murdered indigenous women. "If you find her (the dress), bring her home by February 13th". all this inseparable.