Passenger's Prayer


If I be anyone in this life

let me be a messenger

let me write beauty on the sky

let me write a love letter

Martha's Groom by Denise Monaghan /

Martha's Groom by Denise Monaghan /

so wide and deep and long

that it turns day to night

forcing men and women to look up.

Let me be a reminder of what is


and what is small.

And if my being is not enough,

if my death is the only reminder

of the power to exhaust life,

let me die,

this love proved


note: written during a month's witness with passenger pigeon September 2014. September 1st 2014 was the 100th year anniversary of the last known living passenger pigeon's death. She was named Martha. She was born and raised and died in captivity. 

Denise Monaghan's painting 'Martha's Groom' is shared with artist's permission. 

Megan Hollingsworth