melting pot

Melting Pot*

Already she is unrecognizable to herself; homogenized
what defined her in detail, like the limits of the seashore
and edges of life zones by elevation, precise
hexagons of her comb blurred, fixed is in motion
softened down and confused, readied to become. Her tongue
foreign to her speaks for the first time, translates
emotion to syllables to words
Single words with meaning together

and apart,

momentarily meaningless
beyond inflection
Unrecognizable to herself but for this adaptation
some eternal character to be reformed

when water holding her
heats just enough. Frameless she rises to surface
in wait for some genius of hand to shape her
asking as she always does in the meltdown

What shall be kept to remember me by?


note: 'Melting Pot' was originally written during a month's witness with endangered languages, autumn 2014. Also posted to the Extinction Witness website in 'Bridge The Gap', with thoughts on on Vision, Privilege & Entitlement is reflected from Interspecies & Intersectional Justice Conference at The Whidbey Institute, Clinton, Washington and Call of the Forest: Water Climate Spirit gathering, Point Reyes Station, California, March 2016.

*'Melting Pot' continues posting poems written as part of the 2014 - 2015 monthly revolving witness at Extinction Witness while I'm editing a six-year collection.

This is shared today with prompt from Robert Macfarlane's Word of the day: "sfumato"

New daily poems resume once the collection goes to the publisher.