For a brief stretch

it's refuge somewhere

uncluttered by broken bits

of plastic

unwanted from the start.


Here, at this edge 

of the canyon's side,

between worlds

just below high peaks 


where a snag, like a divining rod,

touched down on a half-frozen stream 

flows through

to underground waters of forgetting



where she imagines forgetting


It's calm, very child friendly

says a child who is 8

and spans the difference.


She thinks she will miss

walks along big river


And is certain of this.


she will not miss the train

without passengers

heavy with coal

since the whistle has followed her this far


to be softened by hills between


a train that bridges a distance hard to bear

foolish to severe


note: "that underground water forgetting" references Robert Macfarlane's 2.9.2018 "Word of the day: 'Lethe' - one of the rivers of the underworld in Greek mythology..." and the poem hints as well to some comments in the reply thread.