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from Sequoia's


 Photo of Meg with giant sequoia, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Copyright 2013  Jack Gescheidt  

Photo of Meg with giant sequoia, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Copyright 2013 Jack Gescheidt 


at the edge of a round world


the screen displays

all who disprove

the loneliest dream

manifest as destiny.

Numbered are birds, bees, flies, 

mothers, babes, men

women, children,

frogs, wolves, bears

tagged before

and documented through


Sequoia's fall,

the loudest

apology for existence 


And oh the fall was hard

after the wind caught her

at the base

thinking two too many painful thoughts

full of guilt

for letting her son be spanked

by someone else's mother

while she wandered deluded

because the cut severed connection

between Sun and Earth

leaving only a moon's shadow

to veil the path

long enough

for her to forget

why she began walking

so she stopped to rest

in anyone's arms


So hard was the first fall's shock

in the dog dirty sheets,

where she went

for fear of being forced there,

she would grow sore as the child fourteen

who gave herself to 

a Viking boy

in her father's house

and bled

secretly hoping

he might catch them

and care


but he did not.


And she thinks

a healthy beating

might be less painful

than neglect.


The trespass at the hotel

now demolished

real in her memory

as the light that claimed her mind

when she .apologized

and prayed forgiveness

lying there stiff and quite

like the three year old 

frozen by her grandfather's sneaking touch


For light's proof alone

she is softened

and honest and learned

after the last lie


The path still in the shadows

and herself tired from the haul,

she moves


praying and waiting

for answers

testing each stone

some she knows

are as slippery

as a fool's hand 


note: written once revived with all compassion